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Ok, so you’ve checked out the news page had a look at the galleries, but still you’re after more! Well, you’re in the right place.

This is the area of the site that contains what I like to refer to as ‘all the other stuff!’ Please feel free to use the menu on the right to access the pages, but I have also included links along with brief descriptions below.


Speech This is where you can find out how to leave feedback about whatever you like. Send comments via boxes at page bottoms.

or email us – admin at lansdownhockeyclub dot co dot uk (written like this to deter the spam bots!).

Downloads (link)

> useful info from the England Hockey website
> documents relating to the Clubs 1st Accreditation

Buttons and Badges (link)

> want to link to this site, but don’t what to use boring text? Then take a look here.

Humour (link)

> some amusing bits ‘n’ pieces to keep you entertained!

> Q&A session with players (coming soon!)

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