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Mens 3rd XI 10 Hereford B 0 Sunday, November 16, 2008

Posted by Steve Vickery in Cheltenham Hockey, Match Report, Mens 3rd XI.

Lansdown started the match with a one player advantage, although Hereford made it hard to tell as after the first 10 minutes the score was even. Then Sebastian Bradshaw won a short corner which he then converted into a goal with a drag flick, past the keeper, who came close to the save but couldn’t quite make it. Then shortly after a spell of great passing play from Lansdown a surging run from Tony Moule lead to a pass which Sebastian Bradshaw again converted into a goal. The game continued with great speed and passing quality from both teams, Hereford fought hard and made the Lansdown forwards work hard. The score was then extended when James Mears ran to the base line and again found Sebastian Bradshaw, who after a bit of a scrap put the ball into the top left corner.

Then Ollie Bowell showed his quality when he started too slotted in three very good goals in quick succession, which were worked from the heart of the Lansdown defense. The first goal was an excellent lift into the side netting of the goal. This was followed shortly by a penalty flick which surged into the top of the net. After this there was a burst of energy from Hereford putting the pressure back on the Lansdown defence. After great composure from the back 4 Din Patel came away with the ball, which enabled Lansdown to apply more pressure on the Hereford goal. This time Tony Moule managed to slot home another making it 6-0. The half didn’t end there, and after some well worked play a cross found Ollie Bolwell at the far post who completed his hat trick.

The second half began with a big push from Hereford which unfortunately lead to nothing. They came close but the strength of Martin Isherwood and Charlie Paddock prevailed and left Hereford scoreless. On the other hand this couldn’t be said for the Hereford defence as pressure built and eventually lead to two great goals from Chris Walton, and one more for Sebastian Bradshaw making his tally for the day 4 goals. Unluckily for Simon Clark it was not meant to be with numerous chances he couldn’t beat the confident Hereford keeper. It was a shame to hear the final whistle blow after a great match, with everyone on the pitch putting in great performances. Especially Paul Bickell and James Mears who stayed composed and ran the Midfield well. Man of the match goes to Mike Kim for holding the defense together as well as pushing up and nearly scoring a goal.



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