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Lansdown Mens 3XI – The last 3 matches!! Thursday, October 11, 2007

Posted by sara in Cheltenham Hockey, Field Hockey, Match Report, Mens 3rd XI.

“Before we get started on the match last saturday lets begin with the last two weeks. The boys assembled at Bournside for the first match of the season and realised there had been some changes since last they met. Phil Sidey, our illustrious captain last year, had left and given way to Dinesh (could he keep the rabble of Clarky, Tony, Anil and Martin happy? we shall see) Other than the boys there was a whole new team to start against Leominster and on a hot saturday afternoon the boys took to the astro and showed just how hockey should be played, sweating and out of breath. But they did themselves proud for the first game of the season and league and managed to come up with a 2 all draw, with goals being scored by Tony and Anil.

Last week we travelled to Cheltenham. After last years performance where we got beat 13 – 2 (we scored the first 2 by the way!) we all expected to get a little bit anihilated by the well oiled machine that is Cheltenham town. But low and behold the boys came at Cheltenham and taught them a lesson! The defense kept them at bay, with thanks to Martin Isherwood’s expert deflection and the help of his foot with a flying shot at goal! With the flick duly being saved by a sleek and masterful Ace Cupper. But a one nil win for the boys, with the goal being scored by the squeeky clean Dan Caudle, was enough to have us all laughing on the touchline at the end and wondering ‘Have we really just beaten Cheltenham?’

Onto last saturday. Having beaten Cheltenham the week before the boys realised that they were good enough to take on the might of the 1988 olympic gold medal winning British side and had they turned up we would have been ready for them, but instead a slick and masterful Gloucester side showed up and took us down a peg or two! Starting the game with 10 men, we found it hard to keep a stong team at bay and  Gloucester soon took the lead and the boys thought they were sunk. But the captain soon returned and the 3rd’s became a different side, moving the ball around and frustrating the Glos side. Right back Martin Isherwood. Tony Moule had a couple of chances and even baffled his own players by passing the ball to them. By half time the boys thought that they could win the game. However with Din heading off the field to umpire the game the boys heads dropped only to be perked back up by Din trotting to the goal to join us again thanks to a Cleevillians umpire who kindly filled in to let the game carry. We soon got back into the swing of things and realised that Johny on the right was a wonder kid with talent and so we let him loose on Glos and he tricked his way around players from both sides. Seb at the top of the triangle (can’t quite get my shapes right, should be a diamond!) showed great promise but couldn’t get past an impressive Glos side and even a couple of hits within their 25 came narrowly close to being deflected in. A shot from a short corner, which came off Martin’s stick and hit his foot, was awarded a penalty flick for the 2nd game in a row and there player expertly executed it passed Ace. In the end the boys poured forward and on a break Glos scored there 3rd goal and the match finished 3-0 to Gloucester.



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